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Shawn was born and raised in South Africa. After many years of study in the field of Energy Medicine, Conscious Medicine and subtle energies, and working in his own health practice, he decided to take a INTEGRATIVE approach to healthcare. It is quite apparent that in the current environment that we find ourselves there is a greater need for an intergrative approach to healthcare, rather than accepting any one modality as verbatim.
As western medicine only focuses on anatomy and physiology, it is crucial that metaphysical modalities take cognisance of concepts such as emotional well being, consciousness, morphogenic fields, meridian systems, chakras, and their impact on a persons health. By integrating the various healthcare modalities we are providing clients with the best possible outcome to their personal health and wellbeing. it is however crucial that clients accept 100% responsibility for the space they find themselves in from a body mind perspective. If we take note of the fact that as individuals we perceive our environment through our five senses and hence our perception is our reality. When we understand consciousness and we realise the value that this adds to our lives, you will realise that the greater your consciousness, the more probabilities you have as an outcome.There is a great deal of depth around this topic which can be commented about and elaborated on. Unfortunately we cannot cover the diversity of this subject matter here and now. However keep your eyes on this site and watch how this information unfolds in our videos and articles. 
Due to the nature of the protocol that is followed, each client will receive a unique designer treatment, no two clients have the same session, no two diseases have the same protocol. Each treatment is based on what each clients needs on a priority basis determined by your own Innate Intelligence, and we work with the different layers of the psycho-energetic body. Our first point of departure is to realign and balance the different layers within the energy systems of the body mind complex. then should we need to engage with other subtle energies by means of dieet, Homoeopathy, Western Herbs, Chinese Meds, supplements, or Western Medicine, the appropriate practitioner will be contacted and the treatment protocol integrated.

The purpose of this new healing centre is to inform and educate the lay person to the benefits and develop a greater understanding of the psycho-energetic beings that we are, as well as the conscious universe. We all have the ability as psycho-energetic beings to heal ourselves by enhancing our levels of consciousness.

There are many healthcare modalities, such as Body Talk, Homoeopathy, Accupuncture, Reikie, Chinese meds, Eft, and Sacred Geometry, crystals, colour therapy, to name but a few, that offer insight into our state of health.

Shawn currently runs a Integrative Wellness Practice, where he treats young and old. He works with professional athletes, as well as being an animal communicator. Through Shawn’s training he has developed the skill and the ability to do remote healing, and communicate with animals through intercellular communication. Shawn has many clients locally as well as abroad. He has also worked with the Lippizaner horses in South africa, as well as the urangutans in the jungles of borneo.

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What is Consciousness Medicine

Conscious Medicine is an approach to healthcare that recognises the primacy of consciousness in health and sees the body-mind as an integrated system that is inseparable from the universal energy field. In order to heal symptoms and disease, conscious medicine addresses energy consciousness - releasing blockages or limitations shifting negative belief systems or resolving inner conflict, discharging past traumas or helping energy flow more freely. Within conscious medicine we are psycho-energetic beings in a conscious universe. Our energy flow mirrors our state of consciousness. When we are in harmony with our higher self our energy flows freely and we are aligned to the universal energy field and the natural outcome is happiness, health and vitality. 



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What is Conscious Medicine?


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